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Karen's dream...

After 4 years of opening my own business & operating primary Schools, I have become a part of a great dream to provide healthy, affordable and fantastic food to the communities I have become a part of. I have managed and operated many sites and believe that with excellent service and healthy fresh products, we can together all develop the understanding and development of healthy eating which is consistent with the healthy school canteen strategy.

I am very proud to say that I operate Fresh Start Canteens in a professional and efficient manner. We are 100% Australian owned and operated, with 100% off my staff all from the local area. My family and I are very proud of what we have achieved and firmly adhere to the “Healthy Canteens Guidelines” within every school in operation.

I would love to continue to bring my ideas, friendly staff and experience to schools within New South Wales and If anyone would like to get in contact with me, please see the contact tab.

About us...

Fresh start is open to all the different school requirements and desires when it comes to the menu provided for that school. As each school has differences in menu choice, a menu is not displayed on this website. However, the menu can usually be found on each school’s website for viewing.

Ordering your lunch is easy with our friendly staff. Each school may have different ways of ordering lunch, but staff will always be available to take your order at the counter.

Some schools have also adopted online ordering, this varies depending on the school. E.g. Flexi school & Quick Cliq.

Catering can also be provided for school functions or meetings, please see the other services tab.


Rewards program

Fresh Start Canteens has a Healthy rewards program which promotes the children to purchase healthy products and be rewarded by receiving free healthy fresh food. Children are encouraged to buy fresh fruit, salads and sandwiches to reward themselves with the program.

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